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Hen Ideas

Best Bridesmaid 2020, a sneak preview of nominations

Rob Reaks , February 24, 2020

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Best Bridesmaid 2020…we’ve shared some of our favourite stories exclusively with The Daily Mail and Femail ahead of the nominations deadline (29th Feb) and the announcement in March of the Regional Finalists. If your Bestie went the extra mile, tell us her story and she could be crowned Britain’s best bridesmaid 2020.

Read the EXCLUSIVE Daily Mail article HERE

Did your Bridesmaid go above and beyond to make your big day the best it could be? Perhaps she created a perfect bridal survival kit or took charge of the wedding to ensure that bridezilla did not surface.

Whatever the reason, if your Bridesmaid brought the essence of #squadgoals, Red7 wants to know!

If you know someone that fits the bill, give her the recognition she deserves. Simply fill in the ONLINE NOMINATION FORM before 29th Feb (missed the deadline, don’t worry, nominations open again in November 2020!) – you can also nominate via FACEBOOK.

To honour the hard work that bridesmaids put into weddings, Red7 is asking couples country-wide to nominate their Best Bridesmaid with heart-warming and remarkable tales of why they should be crowned the nation’s finest.

The crème de la crème will not only claim the glory of being Britain’s Best Bridesmaid, she will also be treated to mini ‘BridesmaidMoon’ for two at a four or five star hotel near you. You’ll enjoy an afternoon tea with bubbles, relax in the hotel spa and a wonderful three course dinner. The perfect way to treat your bestie and say a massive thank you for being so damn special!

Nominate the best of the best from your #WedSquad and give her the recognition she deserves.

Entries can be put forward by the bride or groom, and the deadline for submissions is midnight on Saturday 29th February 2020. We’ll announce the winner on National Bridesmaid’s Day (13th April).

Images and stories shared with the permission of the Brides/Bridesmaids featured. These images are subject to copyright.

Best Bridesmaid 2020

Katie Strong from Birmingham nominated her sister, seamstress Lori Knight, “Lori made my dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses and the mother of the bride’s outfit! She was still perfecting things literally minutes before we said “I do” as my flower girl accidentally ripped her dress. But, Lori didn’t panic. She just popped out her sewing needle and thread and saved the day! We all looked fantastic and all had the dresses of my dreams.”

Katie Strong from Birmingham nominated her sister, seamstress Lori Knight (in yellow)

Kirsty Atkinson from Hull nominated Diana Johnson, “The reason I chose her is because she has always been there for me through all my battles in life, the domestic violence from my daughter’s father; the death of my father, with the drop of a hat she was always by my side. She has been my best friend for over 15 years. At my wedding she dried my tears and helped me into my dress.

She is not an emotional person but seeing her cry touched my heart knowing my best friend finally knew I had finally married my soulmate and my new journey would be a life of happiness. I can’t thank her enough for all she does and did to make my wedding day so special.”

Kirsty Atkinson from Hull nominated Diana Johnson

Emma McMullan from Derry, Northern Ireland nominated her maid of Honour Katey McNay, “My mum took ill at the wedding and had to leave early. Katey first of all looked after my mum making sure she was ok and helping her feel as comfortable as she could. She arranged for my mum to get home to save me trying to organise it and then continued to check in on her. At the reception, Katey stepped up and made a speech on behalf of my whole family, telling everyone how we are ‘like family’; she stood by side with pride and I can’t thank her enough for that.”

Jade Parry from Telford nominated Jade Mansell, “On my wedding day my chief bridesmaid collapsed – an ambulance was called and paramedics spent over an hour in my house before she was taken to hospital, leaving Jade to pick up the pieces and ensure we were on time – it left less than an hour for my makeup artist and hairdresser to sort me out!

If it wasn’t for Jade my day would have been ruined; she took my two kids on in her stride and walked down that aisle on her own and she owned it! I am so thankful for her not only for being an amazing friend but for being so selfless from day one. Everyone needs a friend like her. (My other bridesmaid has since made a full recovery).”

Jade Parry from Telford nominated Jade Mansell

Aimee Harper from Bridlington nominated her best pals Amy and Kim for a joint nomination. “On my hen do Kim knew I’d be missing my mum who had passed away. She brought her with us on a balloon. Along with a stern warning to all that they would not cause any problems on the hen do (no one needs family drama on a hen do). Three days before the wedding the groomsmen’s suits had not arrived. Kim soon sorted that out. I didn’t even know there had been an issue until after the wedding.

To top it off, she wasn’t even my maid of honour. Initially I had said I wasn’t choosing a maid of honour. Then my best friend Amy’s mum fell ill with cancer. We wanted to cheer her up and Kim encouraged me to choose Amy, which I did.”

Aimee’s husband Craig with Kim (L) and Amy (R).

Angharad Morris from Pontypool, Wales has nominated Megan Touhig, “8 years ago I had a terrible car accident and Megan helped me recover and helped my rehabilitation including helping me walk again. When I got engaged she said “right, as maid of honour just tell me what to do and it’s done!” Jokingly I said “who said you got the job?”

Next day I received a CV of why she was suitable for the role and her previous experiences. We thought we’d have to postpone the wedding after a recent house fire left us in temporary housing. She has been amazing and not complained once. I definitely couldn’t ask for a better best friend or bridesmaid!”

Angharad Morris from Pontypool, Wales has nominated Megan Touhig

Lorna Venables from Chester has nominated her sister, Michaela, who went above and beyond for her wedding despite going through an incredibly difficult break up from a six year relationship only eight weeks before the wedding. “She was so strong through it all, she never made me feel like I couldn’t be excited about the wedding or that I should filter anything because she was sad.

She was so selfless and still so genuinely full of love and excitement for us! She also suffers from uncontrolled epilepsy so was dealing with multiple seizures a day through all this but still managed to show up in the most amazing ways for me through that whole process and I’m forever grateful!”

Lorna Venables from Chester has nominated her sister, Michaela.

If managing one wedding wasn’t enough, Sally Essex happily managed five! Emily O’Connor nominated ‘super bridesmaid’, Sally from Durham, “I don’t think there is any woman alive who is more committed to her friends, and their happiness, than her. I have known her for over ten years since living together at University and she is my absolute soul sister in every way.

Sal was my bridesmaid in October this year when i got married in Scotland, she was also Maid of Honour for our friend Jess, and bridesmaid for her best childhood friend Millie in August. She also said yes to being bridesmaid for two more of our friends, Steph and Anna who are getting married March and May 2020. None of this is easy given that geographically speaking, she is in Birmingham, I am in Durham, Jess is in Leeds, Millie is in London, Anna is in Chester and Steph is in Sheffield – but she literally never missed a single thing.

In June 2019 her wonderful father, Steve, to whom she was so so close, sadly passed away after a twelve month battle with terminal cancer*. She is the most genuine, caring and loyal friend that anyone could imagine, and even when she was facing such tremendous grief, supporting her mum and her brother through this awful time, she was still so committed to all of her friends & brides insisting that this was a helpful, positive presence in her life. I cannot fathom how there would be anyone that deserves this prize more than her given everything and I would just love to be able to spoil her with a treat to say thank you for being an absolute one in a million.”

*If you’d like to support people living with cancer, please Give Blood – find out more HERE.

Emily O’Connor nominated ‘super bridesmaid’, Sally from Durham

Samantha Mooney nominated cousin and maid of honour Lucy Gough-Jones. “Not only is she my cousin but I’m lucky enough to call her my best friend too. Throughout our childhoods we went through so much together – broken families, illness, loss, depression and we have always remained best friends throughout. I fell pregnant when I was young and fell into depression.

Lucy was my rock, she kept me smiling and reminded me of why life is so exciting and worth living. She has been the most amazing auntie to my little girl and life is now incredible. I am so thankful for my wonderfully talented, childhood best friend, insanely intelligent, hilarious and beautiful cousin.”

Samantha Mooney nominated cousin and maid of honour Lucy Gough-Jones.

And finally, the heart-breaking story from Amy Matthews, who has nominated her pal Sue Tucker from South Gloucestershire. “One month before my big day we all headed Benidorm for my Hen Do. This included a group of my friends, my mother and my godmother. We had the best time. When we got home that very night my godmother passed away in her sleep suddenly without warning. Sue was my rock. Four days later my amazing grandmother passed away in the blink of an eye. I was broken, I still am.

Sue was by my side through it all. The funerals were held the week before my wedding. My wedding day arrives, happy and heartbroken at the same time I try and keep the smile on my face. When she could see me struggling she gave me the look, the look of “I’ve got you”; when I was crying she wiped my tears. Because of her, I got through the day and I married the best man in the world feeling stronger – all because Sue held me together.”

Amy Matthews nominated her pal Sue Tucker from South Gloucestershire.

So, thank you to everyone who has entered Britain’s Best Bridesmaid 2020 so far, we’ve love reading your stories and seeing your wonderful photographs. It’s going to be tough shortlisting and choosing the ultimate winner, we think you’re all amazing.

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