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Hen Ideas

12 Things to do now you’re Engaged!

Red7 , February 15, 2016

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1. POP SOME CHAMPAGNE!!! Enough said.

2. ENJOY IT. Don’t worry about who to tell first or when to set a date. For the next few hours just enjoy the fact that your significant other decided to, in the words of Beyoncé, “put a ring on it.” Make the most of the time with your partner when no one else knows but the two of you.

3. DO YOUR NAILS. Before you start telling people that you’re engaged you may want to invest in a manicure, because everyone is going to be asking to see the sparkler. Thinking of posting something on social media? You’ll want people admiring the rock, not grimacing at your week-old paint job.


Engagement Ring Hen Nails


4. TELL THE PARENTS. Phone both sets of parents, siblings and direct family with the good news. Great Aunt Ethel does not want to find out that the window cleaner knew about this joyous occasion before she did. Once you’ve shared the happy news with your nearest & dearest, it’s time to ring your closest friends. They’re sure to be super excited for you and will make this occasion even more special. Finally, you’re ready to go live with the news on social media. The engagement selfie is epic, so share away!

5. TAKE OUT INSURANCE. This is a bit of a boring one, but get that ring insured. No one can replace the sentimental value of your engagement ring. After all, this is the one item the love of your life gave to you with the idea that you’ll wear this every day for the rest of your life. However, in the unfortunate case of loss or left it’s nice to know the costs are covered so that you can afford a replacement.

6.RESIZE THE RING. It may be the case that your now-fiancé has done a magnificent job finding the ring of your dreams but don’t expect him to know your ring size too; do you even know that? If it does need some slight adjustments you’ll need to find a trustworthy jeweller to resize your ring for a perfect fit.

7.MAKE TIME FOR YOU AND YOUR FIANCÉ. Now that you’re engaged, everything becomes about the wedding and planning, so make sure you don’t neglect your gorgeous fiancé. Schedule date nights so that you can remind yourself just why you fell in love with this gent.

8. DAYDREAM – A LOT! This is the day every little girl dreams of. Your prince, your knight in shining armour (or at least some modern day variation of that) is about to sweep you off your feet and give you your happily ever after. Buy the bridal magazines, set up your wedding page on Pinterest and watch copious amounts of wedding films. You need to know what you want from your wedding day, so exploring all these avenues for inspiration is more than allowed.

9. GET PLANNING. Not the entire wedding, but get yourself a wedding diary or an app so that you can start organizing important dates. A timeline is definitely the key to keeping calm in the lead up to the big day. Scrap books are a good idea for keeping ideas of dresses and colour schemes, and will also serve as a nice reminder to look back on after the big event.

10. START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Weddings are expensive. Whether it’s a short or long engagement, decide how much you need to save each month (and stick to it) to reach your wedding budget target.

11. PICK YOUR WEDDING PARTY. The politics of a wedding definitely come into play with this one. Who you want as groomsmen and bridesmaids is your choice, so don’t worry about offending anyone. Just keep in mind that the people you pick for your bridesmaids will be the ones organising your hen do, so that may be a deciding factor if you’re struggling to decide between friends.

12. ORGANISE YOUR HEN DO. It’s never too early to start thinking about your hen do! In fact, it’s probably the first thing your friends thought about when they heard he’d popped the question. So once you’ve stopped daydreaming about the wedding it’s time to start the planning for your hen weekend. If you’re stuck for ideas, destinations and themes, don’t worry. Our Group Travel Gurus are on hand if you want to take the stress out of organising the perfect hen party.

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