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New tourist guide promises visitors a smell of a good time

Red7 , March 10, 2014

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Visitors to an unfamiliar destination have often been told to ‘follow your nose’  to find a sought-after landmark.

Now, the marketing geniuses in the picturesque northern city of York, have taken the advice literally.

The city’s tourist board has published Smell York, a new scratch-and-sniff guide to city, which it hopes will demonstrate the smells  of the city are as captivating as its sights

The guide offers 12 scents associated with the city including  “a musty infusion of leather, old books, gold, silver, wood and dust”; the city’s Railway heritage – “a nostalgic infusion of coal, steam, engine oil and iron”; and rural Yorkshire – “the scent of fresh wild heather as it grows on the moors”.

The guide also features the stench of a ghost, which, experts assure us, resembles rotten eggs.

The smelly guidebook was produced with a team of scent “engineers” who analysed a range of smells associated with the city before recreating them in a laboratory. The smells were then turned into a printing varnish, which was applied to the photographs in the pages and releases the aroma when scratched.

A limited run of the guidebook will be available for free from Visit York on a first come first served.

In 201,  a scented guide to New York, entitled PHEW York, was produced, containing smells ranging from hot dogs and pizza to garbage and sewer steam.


York highlights from those in the nose

1. York’s Antiquities: a musty infusion of leather, old books, gold, silver, wood and dust

2. York in blossom: floral scents including daffodils and roses

3. Afternoon Tea: the appetising aromas of loose leaf teas, spices and cakes

4. Chocolate heritage: the indulgent scents of cocoa, butter, sugar and nuts to represent York’s status as Britain’s Home of Chocolate

5. Railway heritage: a nostalgic infusion of coal, steam, engine oil and iron to represent York’s rich railway history

6. Rural Yorkshire: the scent of fresh wild heather as it grows on the North York Moors (the backdrop to many films and television programmes, including Harry Potter), the grasslands of the Yorkshire Dales and fresh country air

7. Gardens of York: the relaxing scent of York and Yorkshire’s lavender gardens

8. York Racecourse: a combination of horse hair, hoof oil, grass and fruit punch

9. Foodies favourite: a mature smell of strong Yorkshire cheese

10. Spooky scents: as Europe’s most haunted city York isn’t short on ghosts, and many of them are said to leave a melancholy aroma in their wake. The guidebook has been infused with strong smells of sulphur and roses that are frequently associated with two of York’s eternally restless spirits

11. Guy Fawkes’ legacy: York is the birthplace of the notorious Guy Fawkes, a man who is now forever associated with the smells of gunpowder, fireworks and burning wood and straw

12. Seasonal scents: a traditional Christmas aroma of burning frankincense, mince pies and Advent candles in Britain’s Christmas Capital


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