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Learn the Geordie Lingo – The Ultimate Guide to Newcastle

Red7 , January 26, 2016

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Laddies and Lassies, if you’re heading up to Newcastle for your big night out, learning the lingo is essential before you gan to the toon and get propa mortal.

Geordie Newcastle Stag Man
via Giphy

Areet wor kid? – Hello

Whey Aye Man Yes/Of Course
“lass are you gan to the toon later?” “Why aye man!

Haddaway man! No way?
“Haddaway man!? Ye joking!

Cheers pet – Thank

Howay Man! Come on!
“Howay man! Wha ya doin?

Tash on – Kiss
“I was so mortal I tashed on with this canny lass

Belta – Really Good
“Last night was proper belta lad!”

Geordie Newcastle Hen Girl

via Giphy

Canny good like – good
“How are you?” “Canny good like!”

Giz a deek – lets have a look

Mortal – Drunk
“I’m gan get propa mortal!

Bait, Scran – food Clamming – Hungry
“Clamming for me bait”

Am gan to the toon – I’m going to Newcastle City Centre

I’m propa paggered – I’m really tired
“Lassies am gan yem, Im propa paggered”

Giz a snout mate – Can I have a cigarette?

Netty – toilet facility
“Where’s tha netty pet?”

Craic – banter
“the craic was belta”

Newcastle Geordie Banter

via Giphy

Bobby dazzla – thinks a lot of themselves/looks rather special
She’s a reet bobby dazzler!”

Worldie – Attractive
“He’s a worldie, man

Giz a bag o’ crisps – I’d rather not, thanks
Do you fancy her?” “Giz a bag o’ crisps man!”

Newcastle Party Stag and Hen

via Giphy

Now you’ve learned the language, there’s never been a better time to book a weekend in Newcastle. Whether your thing is sport or shopping, partying or pampering, nights out or naughty fun, the Geordie scene is one of the best. Red7 have perfect Newcastle Stag Weekend offerings,  an unbeatable choice of Newcastle Hen Do activities and accommodation and the ideal suggestions of how to spend a group weekend in Newcastle, with great options for daytime fun and night time partying.



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