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Cocktail Making - Like a Pro!

How to Make the Perfect Cocktail: Brighton’s answer to a Brazilian Booze-up

Red7 , March 30, 2017

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Get your shake face ready – this Brighton-based cocktail master class is in a league of its own.

There’s cocktail making – with a dash of this, 5ml of that, and a single sprig of this, shake it all about and sip away. And then there’s REAL cocktail making. Forget propping up the bar with a bored look on your face as you’re shown for the *umpteenth time* how to mix a Mojito. This cocktail making masterclass is one to blow all others out of the water. It’s fast-paced, brilliant fun and 100% alcoholic. To see for ourselves just how brilliantly boozy this cocktail making experience is, our Group Travel Gurus gave it a test run to see if it made it onto our list of best nights out in Brighton.

Located in the heart of all the action – among high end restaurants and lively bars with their nightlife spilling onto the pavements – you’ll find this gem of a cocktail bar: Las Iguanas. It’s made a name for itself as one of the best places to go in Brighton for a cheeky mid-weeky. With its chic, Latin American inspired atmosphere, leather bar stools and a killer cocktail menu, this place is second to none when it comes to mixing a delicious drink.

Not only can you enjoy a classic cocktail (such as that Mojito or Strawberry Dauquiri) but everyone who visits MUST try the bar’s signature drink – the Caipirinha. This little beauty is Brazil’s national cocktail. Made from cachaça (sugarcane hard liquor), sugar and lime, with a crushed ice topping, each tumbler is packed with an amazing punch.


To get us well-oiled for the tutelage ahead, our expert mixologists, Chris and Josh, showed us just how things should be done – the professional way. Once we had the recipe down, our two hosts whipped up a few cocktails in record-breaking time, racing the clock to see which of the two could master a Caipirinha quickest. Then it was our turn to race against each other in a hilarious boozy battle. Our gurus, Niall and Helen took their positions behind the bar to see who could make one of these drinks the fasted. The results… competition got messy!

Cocktail making at Las Iguanas

Each pair had a chance to make their first Brazilian cocktail. Of course we snuck an extra splash of this and shot of that into every drink – it would be rude not to! At Las Iguanas you definitely don’t need to be shy with the pouring. Free-pour your own drinks to your personal tastes, a great way to get the fun and banter flowing smoothly!

Pouring cocktails in a Brazilian bar


Nothing gets a party started like a good old fashioned drinking game. The team at Las Iguanas have created some hilarious challenges, so you can compete against your best mates to make the perfect drink.

Got a good shake face? Put it to the test. As you shake away you could win a prize (in liquid form) if you have the best (sexiest) face whilst shaking away at that cocktail. We’ll spare you the innuendos our chief mixologist came up with when teaching us how to shake a cocktail with gusto…!

Our Travel Guru, Jordan, won with his cheeky grin!


Alongside the delicious (and strong!) cocktails, we each had a board piled high with totopos (crispy tortillas) and tacos with colourful fillings to make our own bar snacks. Guacamole, and beetroot with sour cream are just some of the delicious taco fillings we dived straight into. There were also pulled pork and beef fillings and spicy prawns as well – Holy Guacamole was it good! The perfect bar food to go along with our exotic drinks.

Drinking pina coladas


‘Chris and Josh were great fun – I have always been more interested in drinking cocktails than in making them, but these guys made it hilarious and brilliant fun. I would definitely recommend it to any group. Guys and girls alike!’ – Niall, Group Travel Guru

‘Amazing experience! We made a variety of drinks, from Passion Fruit Martinis and Long Island Ice Teas to Pina Coladas – delish!’ – Amie, Group Travel Guru

‘The vibe at Las Iguanas was really fun and exciting and the staff were lively and friendly. I would love to do it again.’ – Helen, Group Travel Guru

‘Great food and the drinks were strong (really strong)! Being able to free-pour your own drinks made the night really relaxed. You definitely get your money’s worth.’ – Jordan, Group Travel Guru

If you’ve always been more interested in drinking cocktails than making them, this class is about to change your views. It’s hilarious, fun and you’ll love being in the hot seat behind the bar.

To book your group onto this boozy masterclass, get in touch with our Group Travel Gurus on 01273 872200.

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