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Top 10 Fantastic Things To Do In Bristol

Red7 , January 19, 2016

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We aren’t talking Wild, Wild West, but the next best thing that UK has to offer. Bristol.  Perfect for any celebration, whether it’s a birthday, hen, stag, or you just really want to have a good night out.  Red7 loves Bristol and it’s easy to see why with all it has to offer.  Combining real West Country class with a hard drinking culture which expands far beyond just real ale and cider.


West Country Games

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There’s no way you can visit the West Country without getting involved in the West Country Games.  Strange things happen on those Bristol farms… So pack your dungarees and wellies to join in with the farm boys and milkmaids in some hilarious games.


If farming fun isn’t your thing and you would rather get down and dirty, then the assault course is definitely for you!  It’s timed individually and as a group, so this is the perfect activity for that competitive mate of yours that you just can’t wait to beat!


No Fear – it’s not just outside activities that Bristol has to offer.  You can be assured that you will stay nice and dry in Bubble Football, the new craze taking the UK by storm.  One of the most hilarious ways to play the sport, once you’re down, you’re down. Even if you spend the whole hour rolling around laughing it is SO worth it.



Bristol Cocktail Making

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Start the party early with an afternoon Cocktail Masterclass (nibbles included).  Not only is cocktail making a really cool skill to impress, it’s also very fun – and we at Red7 are serious about fun.


Before that big night out you’re going to have to line those stomachs, so why not do it in one of the top Italian restaurants in Bristol?  Here at Red7, we reckon it is the finest in the UK, famous for the most delicious cheesecake, you are guaranteed a great time!


An essential for all that love to laugh. So everyone?  Bristol boasts a brilliant comedy club venue where some of the best comedians perform. Once you all have recovered from the laughter the floor is cleared for you to continue the party into the early hours, with drinks from the bar and a DJ supplying the tunes.



Bristol Nightclubs

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This is no ordinary Bristol nightclub.  A stunning glass front offers you an insight to the three clubrooms, all specially designed for your clubbing pleasure.  Step it up and feel like a celebrity with a booth supplied with champagne, vodka and red bull to get the party in full swing!


One for the boys and a stag night essential. Celebrate a birthday or stag night in Bristol’s finest lap dancing bar (the West Country isn’t all farming and cider you know?). The birthday boy/stag will get special treatment, but you will all leave with tales you may or may not wish to share with those at home.


Zombies have invaded Bristol and only you can combat the Zombies that will imminently take over the world. Heighten your skills before the un- dead claim your group with axe throwing and testing out crossbows then scramble to defend your team from the impending doom.


Once you’re ready to rest your weary head after a night of partying we have you covered. The wide range of Bristol Hotels offer a room to suit every person and their needs to make their weekend special.

Our dedicated Gurus have the expertise and connections necessary to sort out your full Bristol trip, with guides, activities and hotels all arranged for you to suit your every need. With rooms already pre-reserved for our clients at top hotels in the UK and overseas, you can count on us to lock in your chosen dates.  Plus, from activities to nightlife to amenities and even adventurous private events, we’ve got you covered.  So all you’ll have to do is check in, unwind, and get the party rolling.

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