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Esporte Clube Pinheiros and Red7 Youth Football Tours

Rob Reaks , November 15, 2019

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Esporte Clube Pinheiros and Red7 Youth Football Tours. Red7 Football Tours are delighted to have secured Esporte Clube Pinheiros from the city of São Paulo for their Copa Costa Brava Tournament, one of the largest youth tournaments in Europe, in April 2020. Every year, the popular coast to the north of Barcelona attracts some 1000 teams from all over Europe and the USA. The sun and beautiful beaches, Barcelona and the magical sounds rising from the Camp Nou stadium have an almost magnetic effect on football fans.

Catering for G17, U11, U13, U15, U17, U19, and played at the Futbol Top Ten Sports Park, this tournament was launched in 1985 making it one of the most established tournaments in the Euro-Sportring Foundation network. 

To take your team on tour, contact Red7 Sports Desk on 01273 872242.

Copa Costa Brava:

We asked Esporte Clube Pinheiros Club Manager, Mauricio Machado, about his club and why he’s taking the team on tour! 

Q. Can you tell me about the history and development of Esporte Clube Pinheiros?

A. The Esporte Clube Pinheiros is a social, sports and recreational club in the city of São Paulo. Founded in 1899 as Sport Club Germania, it had to change its name by government determination during World War II. With an area of 170,000 m², with 80,000 m² of green area, Pinheiros is the largest sports club in Latin America, and is one of the biggest champions in various sports, accounting for 12 Brazilian Olympic medals. Currently the club have 38.000 members.

Q. What are the most important points for you and Esporte Clube, what are your aims?

A. For us, the most important points are meritocracy, resilience, respect, commitment and attitude;

Q. How long have you been coming over to Europe and what does it do for the players?

A. We have been coming to Europe Since 2000, with some Tournaments in Sweden, Denmark, France, Hungary, Portugal, Spain and Finland. This year we are going to Italy too. Our younger ages have been going to USA since 1998.

These International experiences are very important for our community because they bring growth, knowledge and new experiences to the sport we love to practice.

Q. Of all the nationalities you have faced, who have been the stand out countries – technically?

A. Certainly Spain soccer teams. In the IberCup Estoril we have faced some Portugal teams with an amazing soccer methodology!!

Q. What coaching methods do you use and what does this do for your players?

A. Since 2010 we have started a new methods like Brazilian 1982/1986 and Barcelona currently. It is not easy for a social club without professional pretensions, but we have been doing an amazing job in our competitive reality.

Q. What do you feel is the ideal age for coaching?

A. In our opinion we can coaching from 5 years, but we must start with funny soccer activities without strategies and requests. From 9 years we can start with initial soccer concepts, rules and technical development.

Q. How do you spot your talent?

A. In our concept the talent will be THE TEAM always. Every player must do your best for the team and never for your individual performance.

Q. Do many of your players go on to join professional clubs and if so how do you get them talent spotted?

A. Our social club do not have this work or requirement. Normally part of our students/athletes like to go to American Colleges to play soccer and study with a good scholarship!!We have less them 1% of our students/athletes in this situation (professional clubs);

Q. Do you play in any tournaments in Brazil and if so, which ones?

A. We play in Social Soccer Tournaments in São Paulo like: Associação Paulista Interclubes, Copa União de Clubes e Copa LIESP de Futebol;

Q. How do you ensure that as many players as possible come over to Europe to play – what do you tell them?

A. Our students/athletes growing in our club with this pleasure: have International Soccer Experiences!!

Q. Tell us about one of your star players – who you think will become a great player.

A. As I said we are more concerned with creating great men capable of improving the world and the people.

Esporte Clube Pinheiros and Red7 Youth Football Tours

To learn more about the Red7 /Euro-Sportring Foundation COPA COSTA BRAVA Youth Football Tournament 2020 click HERE

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