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Action-packed hens and stags

Rob Reaks , March 10, 2020

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For an Action-packed hens and stags adventure, Red7 have the lot! Quads, Jeeps, Blind driving, Assault courses, Archery and SHOOTING. Yes, shooting; you don’t need to head over to Eastern Europe any more to find a decent gun range, we have them right here in the UK.

Call our team to find out more about where these activities operate and get an instant quote. 01273 872200.


Action-packed hens and stags cover photo

A brilliant combination of leisure and heart-pounding fun, you’re sure to get a thrill from our various shooting activities.

Of course, we’ll provide professional shooting instruction and plenty of safety training, so this outing is suitable for anyone who’s fantasized about firing off live rounds from some truly awesome guns.

Action-packed hens and stags, Quad Biking

Quad biking offers perhaps the most diverse set of possibilities of any off-road adventure on the menu here at Red7. For groups seeking some serious pulse-pounding fun, you can test your mettle tearing around a specially designed off-road obstacle course, racing your mates to see who has the skills and stones to be the first across the finish line. 

With top of the line safety equipment and body armour, you can be confident that all the proper precautions are in place to give you free reign to fly around the track.

But for those in the mood for a milder four-wheel adventure, quads also provide the perfect solution for exploring remote corners of the great outdoors. Strike out with a local guide into the sand dunes or the countryside to visit natural attractions that will take your breath away, without exhausting your legs from a long trek. If you can’t get there on a quad, you probably can’t get there. 


Bring steady hands and cool heads for a test in our brilliant archery outing. We’ll provide everything else you’ll need: targets, quality bows and arrows, and basic training. At once serene and competitive, you’ll soon discover whom you can trust should you ever find yourself with an apple suddenly atop your head.

Of course, we don’t recommend taking a shot at your mates, even if you fancy yourself a regular Cupid. There’s nothing wrong, however, with sliding up behind one of your prettier friends and helping them draw back their bowstring.

Whether you’re acting out your Robin Hood fantasies, or just looking for a bit of mental focus and escape in the fresh air, archery is a brilliant blend of competitive and fun. After you get a taste of your first bull’s-eye, you just might find yourself with a peaceful, unique hobby for years to come.

Action-packed hens and stags, Clay Pigeon Shooting

All the thrill of pigeon shooting, only legal and more of a laugh, clay target shooting is a laidback yet thrilling way to test your mettle. So no wonder its popularity has exploded throughout the UK in recent years.  Few things are more thrilling than squeezing the trigger of a double barrel and watching your target become a million little pieces.     

In this sport, clays are called “birds” and a spot-on shot is a “kill.” But don’t worry, no animals will be harmed during the course of this production. And regardless of shooting experience, anyone can enjoy the fun: expert guidance and safety gear are provided. Just calm your breathing, train your eye, and you’ll be hitting targets in no time.  Expect a powerful rush from the jolt—you’ll be handling real shotguns, after all—and get ready to carry that excitement into the rest of your night.

Assault Courses

If your group is aiming to come together to win the party, it will certainly help to do some team building before the cocktails come out.  Whether you’ve known them a week or a lifetime, after a trip through this mentally and physically gruelling course, you’ll unquestionably be bonded.  The assault course was originally devised as a military training and assessment test, but in this case it’ll be a test of personal fitness, teamwork, and problem solving.  So it’s not just brawn that wins this race; it also demands quick and efficient thinking.  

You’ll climb, crawl, jump, and sprint your way toward the finish, while racing to set the course record.  But more importantly, you’re sure to reach the other side walking a bit taller, feeling a bit stronger, and throwing up high-fives for a job well done.  So while the course certainly does assault you, if you reach the other end, you wind up with the ultimate satisfaction of having won a good fight.  

Action-packed hens and stags, Bubble Football

Bubble Football is a great new craze that has swept across Europe and is becoming hugely popular in Britain as well. And now you should try it too, as it’s a fantastic activity for a bunch of people out for a good time and there’ll be plenty of laughs guaranteed. There are no special skills required; you just have to out for a good time and prepared for laughter – and to be laughed at.

Just like football, the ultimate aim in Bubble Football is to score more goals than the opposition, but with your arms and hands inside a big plastic bubble it’s surprisingly hard to balance while you run, meaning that you’re not going to be quite so mobile. But, this makes the bubble a great leveller, so good footballers don’t necessarily have much of an advantage.

If you and your group think that you can stand the pace and are up for an hour or so of total chaos and hilarity, then you have to give Bubble Football a try. Just like everyone else who has played the game you will all absolutely love it and you’ll understand why it’s taken Europe by storm.

Axe Throwing

Yes, it’s a thing! And it’s not as easy as it looks. Precision and strength, aim for the bullseye and keep a steady hand. It’s all in the technique, you’re instructors will be on hand to guide you.

To book your UK action-packed hen do or stag weekend call Red7 today, 01273 872200

What the punters are saying…..

“Excellent customer service from the start, easy to organise, good range of options to choose from for all budgets.” Matt

“Everything from start to finish was great. Easy and simple from first booking. The transfer and accommodation were excellent. The activities we had booked were fantastic, everyone enjoy them. Great weekend away.” Karl

“Great customer service. The accommodation we were given was great and perfect for our group. Also a thank you to the two instructors who braved the weather conditions to deliver the quads and clays session.” Lewis

“Booked though red 7 for stag weekend in Bristol well organised great activities we all had an amazing time will definitely be booking again. Many thanks.” Matt

“We booked to go to Liverpool! We crammed so much in to the day and it was fantastic! Everyone had such a great time, we absolutely loved it and it went so smoothly.” Lynsey

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