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Hovercrafting Group Weekends

How many people do you know who can honestly say they’ve been hoveringcrafting? Exactly. Nothing says novelty quite like a vehicle that literally rides on air. So if you’re lucky enough to be near a facility that hires these floating beauties out, there’s really no excuse for missing the opportunity to get behind the wheel. 

In a fan propelled car, you can cruise as easily across land as you can over water, and not feel a single bump as you cross rough terrain. And without the hindrance of friction, you can reach surprising speeds on these rarely seen aircraft.

So if flying low and getting a proper buzz is what you and your mates had in mind for your next big weekend, hovercrafting is just the thing for it. So when you head back to the office come Monday and your colleagues ask what you did over the weekend, tell them you went flying. 

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