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Foot Golf

Foot Golf

We know how tough it can be to find an activity that everyone in a group can join in; after all, there's often a pretty diverse bunch of characters all with different interests. That's why we reckon that footgolf is the perfect solution. After all, it has something for everyone: a wee bit of exercise in the fresh air; the chance for a relaxing chat; an interesting game to play; an element of competition; and, not forgetting, plenty of fun. Perhaps that's why this great new craze has been catching on so fast.

Footgolf is basically fairly simple; it's just like golf except that instead of using clubs and golf balls, you kick a football around the course - naturally the holes are bit bigger too, otherwise you'd never sink a 'putt'. Apart from that, it's basically played to the same rules as golf and, just like golf, the one who gets round in the fewest shots is the winner.

The course is similar to a normal golf course, too. As you stand on the tee ready to take your first kick, you'll have to assess the hole and plan your strategy. Golfers call this course management and it's very important if you want to avoid trouble on the course such as sand traps, water and trees. So, it's not necessarily the longest kicker who is going to win. Usually, accuracy and caution win the day.

On your way around, there'll be time for a chat - not while another player is preparing for a shot, of course - and quite a few quiet laughs when your friends find themselves in difficult situations or they miss a short 'putt'. And if you've spiced things up a bit with a haggle and you play well, someone else might well be buying the first round after your game. What could be better than that?

Photo Credit: JuanMFernandez2000


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