Want to get fit? Go Paintballing

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With all this action packed Olympic sports playing out on our screens over the last few weeks, it seems there’s no better time to consider getting fit, especially if you want a body like Jessica Ennis or Tom Daley.

Going to the gym can be very monotonous though and going for a run in your usual neighbourhood sometimes just isn’t that inspiring. What about paintballing though? It’s damn good fun as well as involving a lot of movement, so could this be the new fitness craze which replaces Zumba?

UK Paintball company have come up with the innovative idea of combining the popular stag do activity with a fitness regime. The regime will require participants to tackle an assault course whilst they try to dodge paintballs shot by specially employed staff, the latter of which is the motivator for the exercise, as a spokesman of the company confirms;

‘Often all people need to start an exercise regime is a little encouragement, and what better motivation is there than being shot at?’

Those of you who’ve done paintballing on a stag do in Bristol or one of the other popular destinations for it, will know that it really does hurt when you get hit!  Further, the usual obstacles found in a paintball site such as tyre walls and oil drums will be removed so there’s no room for hiding, another good way of keeping the participants moving and fit;

‘Getting hit by a paintball can really sting and so I’m sure anyone who takes a shot will be even keener to avoid the next one, which will hopefully enable them to burn even more calories.’

The fitness regime is a ten week course costing £199. So will it catch on? This remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure, the bruises that come with paintballing will be off-putting for a lot of women!

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