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In the last few years, the appeal of making comedy films about bridesmaids and best men has soared as we’ve seen The Hangover along with the two sequels, Bridesmaids, Bachelorette is on its way and there’s yet another about to hit our screens on 31st August.

Directed by Stephan Elliot, A Few Good Men follows three best men Tim (Kris Marshall, the BT advert guy), Graham (Kevin Bishop) and Luke (Tim Draxl), as they accompany their good friend David (Xavier Samuel) to Australia to marry the love of his life (who he’s known for 10 days after meeting on holiday) Mia (Laura Bent). The storyline appears to follow the usual formula of comedic outrageous disasters and whilst this doesn’t make it particularly unique, somehow we’re not yet bored of watching a stag party or wedding go wrong, on film only of course. A cross-dressing ram, a crazed drug dealer, an over sexed mother-in-law; on paper there’s plenty to entertain however, the film has already had mixed reviews.

Good or bad film, our confessed guilty pleasure in watching other people’s misfortunes happen on screen does not mean we wish any of this on anyone in reality and you’d be wise to take note of some of the decisions which you shouldn’t replicate. The most important one being the same mistake they make in The Hangover; having a stag do the night before the wedding. Obviously, this makes for brilliant comedy but in reality, it’s a guaranteed disaster! So when you’re booking your Amsterdam stag do, make sure it’s at least a month before the wedding…Just in case.

Final note; watch this film and do the opposite…

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