Natalie Portman’s Unconventional Wedding

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Congratulations to the lovely actress Natalie Portman who got married this week to Benjamin Millipied, a dance choreographer.

Their understated wedding was held in a private venue in Big Sur, California, where Natalie and Benjamin opted for an alternative wedding ceremony taking place at night. Further, due to Portman’s Jewish roots, they married under a “chuppah,” a structure made of wood and twigs.

If that wasn’t unconventional enough, they served up vegan food and opted out of a wedding cake replacing it with macaroons to honour Millipied’s French origin!

We like her alternative and low key style and although there’s not much word on what she did for her hen party, we imagine she went for something a bit different for that too. If you’re similar and the idea of a hen party in Birmingham or a cocktail making class isn’t inspiring enough, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy your last hours of freedom in a more unique way. Go for a cheeky nude life drawing class, a crafty workshop, glamping or a salsa dance class; the choices are endless!

Ultimately, it’s about what you want and not what is expected of you. Natalie and Benjamin did exactly what they wanted, especially with serving vegan food which I’m sure a lot of guests weren’t overly thrilled about! If you go for something a bit eccentric, your friends will probably be surprised at how much they end up enjoying it.

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