Wiltshire Hen Party Does Half-Triathlon

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You could say a hen party is a kind of triathlon…running to catch your train or driving the car to your hen party destination, swimming in a bottle of wine (i.e. drinking it) and then dancing the night away! OK maybe not. A real triathlon involves real exercise…

One hen party from Wiltshire will be making hen parties across the country feel very guilty as they bypassed the traditional hen do for a half-triathlon instead. If that wasn’t enough, they did it for charity.

These super motivated ladies worked up a sweat, swimming 40 lengths of their local swimming pool, followed by cycling 16 miles and finishing it off by running 4 miles. The result? £1000 raised for Mencap and some very sore legs. Bride-to-be Vicky Martin said;

“…a lot of my friends have children and if a hen do was in Spain for three days they couldn’t go and leave their children at home…They could come out for an hour’s training for the triathlon, keep fit and look slim for my wedding. I have lost two stones from running and dieting.”

If you’re reading this and thinking a hen party idea on the healthier side is an appealing option but a triathlon doesn’t quite float your boat, there is always dance classes! We organise these all over the country so whether you’re planning a hen do in Bournemouth, Manchester or Dublin, we’ve got one to suit you and your group. Dance classes are really good fun, keep you fit and keeps everyone away from the booze during the daytime.

There’s loads of options to choose from including recreating the dance moves from the cult classic Dirty Dancing to the hit TV show Glee or you could go for a tongue in cheek classic like Grease.

By choosing  a dance class, those glasses of wine will taste all the more better evening too…

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  • Hen Party July 26, 2012 at 10:36 am

    It’s great to see that Vicky Martin spent her hen party raising money for charity when most people just go out to get drunk etc….Congrats to them on the money they raised! My sister in law is planning her Hen Party soon and think i will suggest a dance class as i could see that being a good laugh 😀 x

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