Stag Party Climbs Snowdon in Pyjamas

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It’s common knowledge that where there’s a stag do involved, there’s likely to be a daft incident or two involved too. It comes with the territory. The latest story to crop up in the news though, seems to take daftness to another level.

The stag do incident wasn’t a dodgy outfitted stag party in Brighton going for a dip fully clothed in the sea midwinter, a stag do in Amsterdam falling in the canal, or another stag do prank gone wrong (just the usual stag do stories!). This particular stag party decided it was a wise idea to climb Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales, which when said in isolation, isn’t such a terrible idea. However, they decided to climb the 3, 560 foot high mountain in their pyjamas, and to add to that, the day they chose to climb Snowdon, there was a hurricane in progress.

This stag parties recent challenge has triggered a warning from Llaberis Mountain Rescue Team to anyone attempting to climb Snowdon to be better prepared…i.e. wear clothes. The chairman of  LMRT John Grisdale, stated;

“Had something happened, a very trivial thing like a twisted knee or a broken ankle, or something like that, conditions on the mountain meant that they would’ve been seriously cold, miserable, wet and unfortunately drawing, probably, the mountain rescue team out to help themselves as well.”

Hats off to them though, they made it to the top!

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