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A stag do, is not a stag do, without a prank or two.

There is absolutely no excuse when it comes to making the effort to plan in at least one stag party prank. They can be simple and easy, for example, there’s the age old classic of tying the stag to a lamp post half naked; straightforward, childish entertainment for all…accept for the stag himself but that’s the whole point.

The prank must cause inconvenience to the stag. End of story.

The stag do pranks we’re really interested in though are not the predictable and obvious ones. We’re more interested in those that take a team effort and are of epic proportions.

We’ve heard of some ruddy good stag do pranks in our 15 years of organising stag parties but this one wins for originality and darn right cleverness!


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  • Ricky May 25, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Ha! Oh Paulo! what are you friends like :)

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