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An £8,000 3 hour search operation took place at the weekend after a group of 20 guys on a stag party in Cornwall decided it was a good idea to take four 16ft boats out for some midnight boating on Helford River.

A witness called the coastguard to inform them of the incident however, after two lifeboats and a cliff rescue team were sent out to find them…they were all tucked up in bed. Ahh bless!

The boat hire manager Nick Bailey wasn’t too happy though stating that;

“They acted contrary to all the instructions I gave them. I warned them not to take the boats out after dark and not to consume alcohol…The next morning they were very apologetic and swore the skippers were sober. It would appear they were fine and the boats were tied up firmly.”

We’re definitely not condoning drink boating but we are pretty impressed that they managed to tie the boats back up afterwards!

Forget Cornwall though, if you go for a stag party in Marbella, you’ll have a choice of boating options from hiring a private yacht, choosing a shared catamaran cruise or taking a fishing boat out. Whichever one you go for, you’ll get a skipper to drive the boat safely whilst you sit back with a cold beer!

Safe as houses (or boats)!

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