Couple Fly 9,600 km For Honeymoon…To See A Football Match

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Now we know that crazy decisions are made in the name of football, for example, the millions of pounds spent on players, and we also know that football can turn us into lunatic fanatics however, when it comes to going to a football game, halfway across the world, for a honeymoon; surely that’s taking it too far?

One couple from Tokyo did just that. Hiroki Yasumoto managed to persuade his newly wed wife, Mio, that jetting off to…not the Seychelles’s, not the Caribbean and not the Mediterranian but none other than…Coventry, was a good plan.

Somehow, Mr Yasumoto managed to persuade his wife that this would be a trip of 9, 600 km worth taking, to see his favourite football team Coventry City. A trip that distance might just about be worth it if you were heading on a stag do although it would have to be pretty epic…but a honeymoon?!

Must be love! Or madness.

With a 4-0 loss to Coventry City though, turns out the trip was definitely not worth taking…

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