Bilbao Football Fans Miss Match By Flying To Wrong Country

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Image courtesy of the Mirror

A group of 400 fans of Altletic Bilbao football team decided to go and see the team play in the final of the Europa League against Atletico Madrid, taking place in Bucharest, Romania.

Being the biggest game in the Bilbao’s season, they wanted to avoid the risk of anything happening with their flight which would stop them seeing the game such as delays, cancellations or strikes, so they rallied together to hire their own private chartered plane.

How many crazed football fans does it take to organise a flight to the correct country?

More than 400 it seems, as these guys managed to arrange for the plane to take them to Budapest, Hungary instead of Bucharest, Romania…some 400 miles away! It was too late by the time they reached Budapest to arrange for a bus or train to take them to Bucharest so they ended up watching the game on TV.

We can imagine this going down worse if it was the other way round and a Budapest stag party ended up as a stag do in Bucharest, leaving the guys to fork out even more money to get to the right country!

For these Bilbao fans though, it turned out to be fairly fortunate (clutching at straws for a positive angle!) that they didn’t make it to the game; Bilbao were thrashed 3 – 0, a painful site enough to watch on TV in the wrong city, let alone live and in the right place…

Plus, they weren’t the only ones half asleep as the UEFA stadium announcer shouted out to Bucharest supporters;

“Good evening Budapest!”

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