The Human Fox Hunt Launches At UK Paintballing Site

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Photo Courtesy: Metro

A paintballing company have thought up a humorous way of providing a replacement for the fox hunt, which was banned seven years ago.

The idea is that a group dresses up in traditional hunting clothing, whilst a volunteer dresses up in an all in one fox outfit (a big like a “kigu”) and gets chased by the “hunters” whilst they fire paintballs at him. The bullets are all red to add to the fox hunt feel of the game.

A spokesman from UK paintball said of the game;

“Participants will be able to hunt the “fox” – who will be dressed in a full-size outfit – and will be encouraged to take shots once within range…Obviously we will give the fox a head start but once the horn is sounded it’s every man for himself and the first one to land a shot on target will be crowned the winner.”

We reckon this could work pretty well for a stag party idea too; dress the stag up as a stag and get firing! Maybe don’t  inform him till he’s there that this is the plan…

Our favourite quote from the spokesman at UK Paintball has to be this though;

“No animals get harmed and people still get the thrill of the chase so it really is a win-win situation.”

Hmm. We’re not so sure it’s a win-win situation when you’re lumbered with the role of the fox!

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