Homer Simpson’s Duff Beer Available in the UK!

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Finding yourself staring at the same old beer labels and ordering the “usual” in your local pub? Well we’ve got some fantastic news to brighten up this already bright day; Homer Simpson’s favourite beer “Duff” is coming to the UK as part of the celebration of the 500th episode of The Simpsons!

The beer has been synonymous with the brilliant cartoon since its beginning 23 years ago and is pretty much the main ingredient of Homer’s staple diet; now it can be part of yours! That doesn’t mean to say we’re recommending you follow in the footsteps of Homer Simpson, as he’s basically an alcoholic and whilst he can get away with it because he’s a fictional character, unfortunately for you, you’re are a responsible (we hope!) human being!

Saying that, there are times when it would be rude not to drink; we can see Duff becoming a popular choice of beer on a stag party in the UK.

What would the Czech Republic or Dublin have to say about this fictional turned real beer though? Being the top two largest consumers of beer per capita in the world, they would definitely have something to say about the quality of Duff. Czech’s drink a whopping 158.6 litres of beer per capita whilst the Irish drink 131.1 litres per capita!

Lucky enough for us though, the beer is in fact being brewed in Germany, third on the list for beer consumption per capita and one of the top beer brewing countries in the world with 1,300 breweries; so we can rest assured it’s likely to taste great! Result.

We can’t imagine Duff ever replacing Pilsner or any other German brewed beer though, which are so popular on Munich and Berlin stag weekends, or replacing Guinness for that matter either. The beautiful black, creamy beer is a cultural symbol of Ireland and would probably not be ranking second as the biggest consumer of beer per capita otherwise! Not that it’s a competition mind…

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