Lap Dance Club Launches An “Alibi” For Men…

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Whether you planned to go or were simply dragged along in a drunken stupor by the lads, it’s likely you’ve gone to a lapdance club as some point in your life but even if you haven’t, you’ve probably had to deal with some suspicious questions from your lady when you’ve got back from a night on the tiles stinking of booze,  cigarettes and other women’s perfume.

Well, South African lap dance club Maverick has come up with an interesting and definitely unique way of masking the smells of debauchery after a night out or a lap dancing stag do.

Already popular in Europe with orders being made, the proposed solution lies in a range of aftershaves designed to disguise the smell of a heavy night out. The “Alibi” range  of aftershaves are individually scented to mask the smell of booze with more respectable odours. The hilarious names of the aftershaves range from “My car broke down” combining the scents of rubber, oil and fuel,whilst “I Was Working Late” recreates the scents of wool suits, ink and coffee.

No, this is not a joke! The bottles are even going for as much as £24.

We can’t help thinking this seems a roundabout way of lying, and an expensive one at that.

Also, these aftershaves won’t disguise lipstick on your shirt and I don’t think the aftershave “Just hanging out with the guys” or any other scented concoction is going to cover that one…

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