Kalashnikovs Found In Crates Off Back Of Lorry

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When you think of knocked off goods, you’re probably going to assume they fell off the back of a lorry but it’s pretty rare to find 79 Kalashnikov rifles.

One man in Russia did just that this week when he bought wooden crates off the back of a lorry to use as firewood, only to find a stack of one of the most powerful weapons around.

If guns are your thing, then we’re not suggesting you go looking on the back of lorries in Russia but you could opt for a shooting stag weekend. Emulate Arnie and get your hands on an AK47, definitely not something most of the lads will have done before.

There’s few destinations offering up the chance to shoot Kalashnikovs and Glocks (at least not legally) so it really is a unique experience. Eastern Europe is where to head and a stag party in Riga should be a first port of call if you’re considering where to try your target skills, as you’ll get to shoot in the police training firing range. The capital of Latvia, Riga has nightlife that rivals any major city in Europe, but with a cheaper price tag on the beer.

Shooting is not for the faint hearted so you’ll have to get your game face on and compete with the boys to make sure you hit target, otherwise it’s going to be a lot of rinsing for the rest of the weekend!

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