Mario Balotelli Dresses Up As Father Christmas

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If anyone was going to be named as Father Christmas, Mario Balotti wouldn’t be the first person that came to mind…

The streets of Manchester have been rumoured to have been graced with some early Christmas presents from Mario Balotelli, an Italian football player for Manchester City, who apparently handed out money on Saturday night to passers by.

When Manchester Cities boss Roberto Mancini was asked if this was true, he said;

“I don’t know – with Mario it is possible!

True or false, and it is most likely false considering the fact that he was with his team mates preparing for the Premier League game against Arsenal the next day, Balotelli seems to have adopted a bit of a crazy reputation, so stories like this are not the first that have turned out to be untrue and are likely not be the last.

Amongst a few fights with fellow players and opposition players, the controversial Manchester City player has set fire to his bathroom after lighting fireworks from the bathroom window, thrown a dart at a youth team player and given evidence for prosecutors in a Mafia trial in court in Naples. Not your average footballer antics!

If you’re on a stag do in Manchester, keep an eye out for Balotelli handing out money or see if his approach to women works; he’s rumoured to have got his mates to go up to girls in clubs and say “Balotelli will see you now.” We’re reckoning you can only get away with that one if you’re a footballer…or Balotelli.

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