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Call of Duty: Shooting Stag Weekends

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One of the biggest entertainment releases of the year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released at midnight.

Thousands of avid gamers queued up at over 500 stores across the country to be the first to get their eager hands on the new game. And for those that thought this might not be successful after a couple of sackings and consequential resignations, they couldn’t be more wrong with this game set to be the fastest-selling video game of all time.

The game follows on from Call of duty 2 with the gamer acting as Special Forces resisting a Russian invasion on the United States. Visually and technologically more enhanced, the game is predicted to make even more money than Black Ops which is the current record holder selling 25 million copies last year, making £405 million in the first five days!

If you would rather get more hands on than virtual shooting, then we’re not condoning re-enacting scenes from Modern Warfare on the streets of London but we do recommend a shooting package in one of our Eastern European destinations like RigaPrague or Vilnius for a unique stag party idea.

Experience the rush of adrenalin as you hold a real AK47 or Glock and get to fire a target in a shooting range. For those that like a bit of competition on a stag weekend then this is perfect for your group –  find out if those who are skilled on the xbox can hit target when it comes to the real thing!

Of course, you’ll have to imagine the Russian spies as that is for virtual games only!


Top 5 Things To Do in Newcastle

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Newcastle has grown in every way in recent years and is now one of the most exciting cities in the Northern part of the UK to visit. Set on the north bank of the river tyne, the cities name derives from “new castle,” relating to the castle that was built in 1080 by Robert II.

Bursting with life, Newcastle provides variety and innovation in its culture, music, architecture and nightlife.

Shop at the UK’s largest shopping centre- Metrocentre

As the UK’s largest indoor shopping centre with a whopping 330 shops, this one is most definitely for the ladies and for true shopaholics. As well as hundreds of high street, independent and big brand names, the centre also includes plenty of dining options, most notably in their “Mediterranean Village.” For some post-shopping fun they also have a bowling alley and a cinema – the perfect day out for a Newcastle hen do.

Visit Hadrians Wall

Built by the Romans in AD122 under the order of Emperor Hadrian to mark the Northern boundary of his Empire, you can’t visit Newcastle without a glimpse of this ancient and monumental wall. The wall spans the width of England so unless you’re an avid rambler, there are safari tours that will take you.

Take a tour round St James’ Park football Stadium

Geordies pride themselves on their love of football and of course Newcastle United so for you lads looking to go on a stag weekend in Newcastle; it’s worth either trying to catch a game or taking a tour around the stadium. The oldest and largest stadium in the North East of England and the sixth largest in the UK, it has been used for international football games and will be used as a football stadium for the 2012 Olympics. With the unique benefit of the stadium being situated in the city centre, it’s an easy visit which can be combined with a beer in one of the pubs nearby.

Visit The Sage

A symbol of Newcastle’s innovative architecture, The Sage is a spectacular curved glass and stainless steel building sitting on the South Bank of the River Tyne with great panoramic views over both the city and the river. If you plan ahead, this venue also showcases some of the top names in music from classical to rock and roll, so it’s worth seeing what’s on when you are planning to go.

Go for a drink along the Quayside

With around 30 pubs lining the quayside, this is a good place to come for a drink. Once a commercial dockland area, it has since been refurbished and now is hosts a range of entertainment from music, and art to restaurants, bars and clubs.  From here, you can see the renowned Gateshead Millennium Bridge, the only tilting bridge in the world.


London’s Firework Displays

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Remember, remember the 5th of November. With the end of Halloween, there’s no need to feel the anti-climax as this weekend we have Guy Fawkes Night to look forward to. And despite still feeling a little miffed that it’s winter again, this night is a good reminder of what is good about this season -sparklers, toffee apples, roasted chestnuts, wrapping up warm, big bonfires and of course, amazing fireworks displays that have us all swooning “ooooohhh” and “aaaahhhhh!”

For you ladies on your London hen weekends, there are a few displays that rank above the rest;

Battersea Park – 5th November, Battersea Park Road, £6-£10

Held in one of London’s most picturesque parks and with a capacity of up to 50,000, this is one of the biggest fireworks shows. With a food court serving up more than just the usual hotdog, you can choose from an international BBQ, Japanese noodles, Mexican and veggie delights.

Guy Fawkes Experience and Fireworks – 5th and 6th November, Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey, £8.50

To learn about the real origin and meaning of Guy Fawkes, this is the place to go. Spread over two afternoons, the experience involves fun activities and events such as The Ghost of Guy Fawkes that tell the story of the gunpowder plot and ends both evenings with a brilliant fifteen minute firework display with live music and a fairground.

Lord Mayors Show – 12th November, South London, Free

A historical display, this show dates back to 1213 and takes place on the second weekend in November. The tradition comes from King John who announced in 1213 that the city of London could choose their own Mayor on the condition that he had to travel upriver every year to Westminster and make a pledge of loyalty the crown.

The procession of traditional dancers, marching bands and military displays goes from Mansion House to the Royal Courts in Aldwych passing through Bank, St Pauls and Fleet Street, and the spectacular fireworks display of over half a tonne of giant fireworks takes place over the Thames which can be seen from all over London. For the best view though, get down to the riverside of Victoria Embankment.

Fireworks displays make a lovely alternative hen party idea for those of you lucky enough to be celebrating on the same weekend as Bonfire Night!


Martyn Ware’s Music Experiment

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Everyone who lives in Brighton or has visited even just once on a hen or stag do in Brighton will know that West Street is where party animals go to drink or where those that have been drinking in the clubs along the seafront pass through on their way home, to the station or to the kebab shop.

Whilst there are a large amount of people who are simply out having fun and not causing any trouble at all, the sheer quantity of people in one street tends to get the adrenalin rushing. Along with the added fuel of alcohol, this sometime leads to a rather rowdy bunch.

So is there a solution to keeping revellers in control?

At first, the idea seems far-fetched – playing calming music including sea sounds and panpipes (yes, you read that right – panpipes!) into the busiest street in Brighton, in the hope that it will prevent trouble!

Will they even notice though? Martyn Ware, former member of Human League came up with the idea that calm music should create a calm atmosphere and thereafter, calm people;

“If this experiment works, if arrest numbers are down and if it does help create a calmer atmosphere, the results could be of real importance across the world.”

Or – a bunch of people taking a nap in the middle of the road?!

So, does he think it will work?

“There’s been a few similar things done which suggest it will. They play classical music at Brixton Train Station because they found it eased commuter tensions. It’s not about blasting this music at people, it will be playing in the background. They might not necessarily even notice it’s on.”

That was before the experiment took place. On Saturday 28th October, the idea went ahead with ambient music being played out through 12 surround sound speakers covering the 50 metre length of West Street, Brighton.

So, did it work?

Well, recordings of people from that night and their behavioural patterns are being analysed by psychologists from Brighton University, whilst call-outs for ambulances and arrests are being compared with that of the usual Saturday night!

Watch this space.


Kim & Kris: what went wrong?

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Was it this exchange filmed during Kourtney and Kim Take New York?

Kim: “How am I going to have my career and live in Minnesota?”
Kris: “Baby by the time you have kids and they’re in school, no one will care about you.”


Or was it, as RadarOnline suggests, because their marriage was “a hoax from the off”? A source is quoted as saying that Kim was “never really into” Kris but went along with it as a “publicity stunt”.

Or was it because Kris hired a Hollywood publicist, which left Kim fuming to her friend “he’s not in f***ing Hollywood, he plays sports.”

Whatever the real reason – and we’re sure to find out soon enough, given the candour with which the CarCrashians live their lives – there’s one thing for sure. And that’s THE NUMBERS. Check this:

Kim sold the rights to the wedding for $17.9 million. The marriage lasted 72 days. That comes to a nifty $10,358.80 per hour.

Words. Actually. Fail. Us.


Fantastic Flight Inclusive Packages

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We are proud to say that we are the first to launch flight inclusive hen and stag weekend packages. We understand how tricky it can be when you’re trying to organise hen or stag weekends abroad including flights. It can be frustrating having to organise your group with booking flights, even if we are organising the main bulk of the weekend for you! With our flight inclusive packages, you can simply sit back and relax whilst we book every element of your weekend for you.

Our flight inclusive packages are available for most of our Spanish destinations and our Portugal destination, so if you’re looking to organise a hen weekend in Tenerife, Barcelona, Ibiza, MagalufMarbella or Albufeira then we have the perfect packages for you to ensure all you need to do is pack your suitcase and get excited!

It gets better than that though. We are offering you the chance to spread the cost of the flights along with the ground package over simple monthly payments so no big sums of money are needed upfront!

The Air Inclusive Packages and Flights available through Redseven are ATOL protected. When you book an overseas package holiday operated by us,  your payment is financially protected by the the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), under ATOL number 3802. This means that should the unexpected happen, you won’t be left stranded abroad or out of pocket.

So, if you’re planning your stag or hen weekend abroad to Spain or Portugal, let us book your complete package for you and your friends so you can have a completely stress free weekend!

Start scheming – plan your party!

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