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Sure, you should be careful when paintballing, hence the plastic goggles, the padded suits and the safety briefing. However, one paintball centre failed to put in a safety measure for the prevention of a fake boob bursting!

We’re not blaming them. This is after all a pretty rare occurrence as the spokesperson of the centre pointed out;

“Part of the fun of paintball is that it hurts a bit when you get shot but in all the years we’ve been going we’ve never seen an incident like this.”

The 26 year old women had her implant burst after a paintball hit her breast at 190mph. Having previously thought she was suffering from bruising which is very common after a paintball session, she went to the doctors when the pain lingered only to find out the unfortunate news.

The paintball centre have now decided to offer extra padding around the chest area for anyone with fake boobs;

“They just need to contact their local venue, tell them they have fake breasts, let them know their bra size and then the centre will take care of the rest.”

There goes any privacy! We can hear the humiliation now when the friends start exclaiming “you’ve got fake boobs?!” No getting away with the “au naturale”

The very nature of paintballing is to get a little hurt in the process so it seems unfortunate for this lady that it will be the most expensive paintball game she’s every played as Douglas McGeorge, the former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, stated;

“I have heard some odd stories over the years but this is one of the strangest. And it could prove very costly. She could have to pay up to £3,000 to get the implant replaced.”

Don’t let this put you off ladies! This is thought to be the first bizarre incident of its kind. Phew. Paintballing, whether it be on a hen weekend in Nottingham or Manchester is one of the most popular activities around and is guaranteed fun for the whole group, fake boobs and all!

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