Elite Scottish sportsmen or a stag group?

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With the Rugby World Cup almost upon us, rugby awareness is generally heightened – generally, but not always. To the embarrassment of the Scottish team they failed to be recognised by one Scottish family in particular.

The international squad of 30 were readying to depart from Glasgow to Brisbane, Australia for their final training sessions before the World Cup, being held in New Zealand this year. They, like every other team, are in a brutal world cup preparation regime; with a monitored diet, intense field training and weights programme.

Chris Patterson, the Scottish equivalent of Johnny Wilkinson, was asked whether he and his mates were departing for a stag party. Patterson is the all time points scorer for the national team and strictly teetotal – which added to the amusement of the rest of the squad in the departure lounge.

Without the traditionally heavy drinking rugby team in the area it could be a good time to consider a stag party in Glasgow or an Edinburgh stag weekend.

New Zealand play Tonga as the World Cup opener on 9th September (09.30 GMT). Scotland play Romania on 10th September (02.00 GMT) as their opening game and England, who are in Scotland’s group, play Argentina on the same day (09.30 GMT).

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