Do Liverpudlians really party hardest?

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It’s all over the news: People in Liverpool drink hard and more of them end up in hospital as a consequence. Now, the stats didn’t go into detail as to whether these were locals, nor is it clear if the figures include guys on a stag weekend in Liverpool.

What’s clear is too much of a good thing is bad for you. There’s never been anything wrong with having a drink or two, but when your celebrations turn into a marathon, then you need to watch out.

And no matter how many reports come out to say that stags drink too much, or blokes in a certain part of the country are likely to drink more often than others, we’ll still do it!

There’s also loads of options if you are on a stag party in Liverpool and don’t want to get drunk. Non-alcoholic drinks are easier to find than ever, and for real abstinence pick a more adventurous stag activity package and knacker yourself out. Try paintballing, Go Kart racing or clay pigeon shooting – all on offer near by.

If boozy nights aren’t really your thing, there’s no reason to pass up a visit to the place – Liverpool was City of Culture 2008 – something it has never let visitors forget

Music fans will have many treats to sample as they wander the same streets as the fab four. The Beatles started their careers here, and just because you are a day-tripper doesn’t mean you need to try to keep up with the crowd and drink 8 days a week.

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