Amsterdam’s Floating Dutchman

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If you’ve been on an Amsterdam stag weekend, you’ve probably seen it all. There’s all manner of temptation, all laid out, and some of it not so good for you either!

Well, this well-known stag do destination has other attractions, and a very novel way of getting to see them: take the bus.

Not you average bus (what did you expect, it’s Amsterdam!) – this bus floats. Yes, always ready with a smart idea, the local council now has a bus that floats throughout the city.

Taking tourists from the airport into central Amsterdam, the bus is as much technological marvel as it is novelty.

While a regular bus with a licence for the road, the ‘Floating Dutchman’ has a full marine licence so can quickly switch between land and water.

Hanging out in one of the many bars along Amsterdam’s canals, you’re likely to spot it – it looks like a bus that has fallen into a canal!

It’s being cleverly marketed to travellers stuck waiting for a connection at nearby Schipol airport – a quick lap of town on the canals then a trip back on the road, and they are set up for their flight.

But it won’t take long for the boys on stag dos in Amsterdam to see an opportunity…

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