What’s with the broken engagements? Someone make it stop!

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Double whammy for you today guys. Not only has The Hills star Kristin Cavalleri split with NFL quarterback Jay Cutler but we’ve just heard that Jesse James and Kat Von D have called it a day too.


So what’s the scoop on Cutler/Cavalleri? Some sources are saying that Cutler got cold feet and unceremoniously dumped her after just 10 months together. Others are saying she was uncomfortable about relocating to Chicago while her career was blooming in LA. Either way it’s a sad day…

As for Sandra Bullock’s philandering ex Jesse James, it was actually Kat Von D who announced the news last night on Twitter.

“I am no longer w Jesse, and out of respect for him, his family and myself, thats all the info I’d like to share. Thanks for respecting that,” she writes.

James said in reply “I’m so sad because I really love her. The distance between us was just too much.”

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