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Fancy a saucy Brighton hen weekend?

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Penis MonologuesHen night talk: it’s only about one thing.

Guys, you really don’t want to be there: slap in the middle of a hen night in Brighton when the talk turns to tackle. Well, there’s a new show in town that’s sure to get the tongues wagging and the would-be wags chatting: ‘The Penis Monologues’.

I guess it was only a matter of time: for years guys have been joking about their bits, but there’s always been a taboo when it came to the ladies and their labias.

Then along came ‘The Vagina Monologues’, first written in 1996, and after this it opened up a little. There’s still a considered amount of privacy when it comes to the girls talking about their bits, but much has changed.

It’s not exactly out in the open, or swinging in the wind – thankfully. And now there’s a new play in town and it’s got to be on the itinerary of hen nights in Brighton.

It hasn’t yet risen to the fame of its sister production – it’s about the quality, not the quantity – but if initial reviews are anything to go by, this little acorn could grow to quite a size.

So if you are fed up of guys talking nonsense about their penises, get yourselves booked in for a hen night in Brighton and check out what’s really going on in their pants – after all, little head is clearly making all of the decisions, so let’s see what he’s got to say for himself.


Artist drives to European stag do

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Wacky Rally Stag DoYou’d have to be pretty crazy to drive to your European stag do when there are perfectly good planes lined up at the airport.

So when it was reported an artist is off driving around Europe as part of stag celebrations in a car covered in graffiti, we had to find out more:

Graham Coady knew little of what was happening until organiser Sam Elliot set him up on the road trip.

And by working with the local youth centre to restore cars, they are helping young people pick up skills, too.

To qualify for the rally, cars used must be worth less than £300, and while Sam is coming along for the European Stag do as much as the adventure, he’s said he’ll donate his winnings to the community group.

The route goes through Switzerland, the Alps and Monte Carlo on its way to Barcelona – and should prove testing in their rustbuckets.

Really, should just get a cheap flight and have a stag do in Poland, or a stag weekend in Prague. Considering the petrol costs and time taken to get there in a knackered car, you may have wasted the best part of the weekend!


Wedding dress news! Zara Phillips, Kim Kardashian and the Duchess of Cambridge

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News just in! Zara Phillips has gone trad with her choice of wedding dress designer and opted for Stewart Parvin, the Queen’s favourite couturier. Now our initial reaction was ‘eek – lamb dressed as mutton’ but let’s remember that Parvin is the youngest Royal couturier and if his current collection of sleek, chic bridalwear is anything to go by, we should have no reason to twitch.

Meanwhile over the pond it looks like Kim Kardashian has chosen celeb-favourite Vera Wang. She and her girl posse headed to the store on NYC’s Madison Avenue for a try-on. “Everything became real when Kim tried on gowns for the first time,” a friend told OK! “When she tried on a veil, she started to tear up.” She’s said to be favouring an ‘old Hollywood’ style… ooh can’t wait (but we just KNOW it’s going to be strapless, killer curvy and with a *major* train. Agreed?)

And for anyone who hasn’t yet reached Royal Wedding Saturation Point, head to Buck Palace between July 23rd and October 3rd to see the Duchess of Cambridge’s bridal gown on display. Actually it’s not just the gown, it’s the full shebang – veil, tiara, shoes and diamond earrings. Yours for a princely £17.50.



Calling all Hens! Want to be on TV?

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 E4 are looking for FUN groups of ‘Hens’ who will make up their audience for an E4 TV show on Wednesday 13th July in Bristol. They’re looking for loud and proud women who aren’t afraid to be vocal and have a great time!

The theme of the night is Burlesque with a general dress code that’s glamorous, fun and sparkly! The evening will be a great laugh and they would need you at their location at 5:30pm and the filming should finish around 11pm.

Even if you’re not on a hen night but fancy a glamorous night out with a difference with a group of friends or colleagues then let us know how many of you there are in your group and I will put you on the list!!

If you’re interested contact Lucy Rose on 02072022438.


Geordie Shore – Partying in Newcastle

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The city of fun loving people and short skirts, Newcastle is at the top of the list for UK stag weekends thanks, or no thanks say some locals, to the Reality TV show Geordie Shore.

Geordie Shore aims to represent Newcastle in a similar way that The Only Way is Essex represents Essex. Whether they have done this accurately is very debatable. What next? The only way is Bognor or Swansea Shore? Either way, Newcastle has now been brought into the limelight and is currently one of the most popular destinations in the UK for a stag weekend.

An ecclectic night scene of bars and clubs give Newcastle its appeal as well as people who are known for their love for partying. Set on the northern bank of the river Tyne, the city is so diverse that whatever your taste, you’ll find somewhere to eat, drink and dance the night away.

Jesmond provides a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere with The Gate offering bigger brands and party bars. If you’re looking for pure cheese then The Bigg Market area is where to head to. Finally, the Quayside is not to be missed with the lights of the bridge illuminating over the river at night and lined with high quality restaurants, bars and clubs.

As well as the nightlife, Newcastle has the advantage of being near countryside and the coast meaning there is a wide choice of activities that you can get involved in on the stag weekend such as clay pigeon shooting, go karting, surfing and scuba diving.

So, if you’re thinking Newcastle is all big breasted women (and men!), drunken behaviour and bad language you’d be very mistaken as despite Geordie Shore increasing the popularity of the city, Newcastle stands in its own right as one of the best cities for a stag weekend in the UK.


How cool is this?! The UK’s first flash mob wedding

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Image courtesy of Angela Ward-Brown

Oh this is just lovely. Daryll and Sam Low are the first Brit couple to host a flash mob wedding. It took place last Saturday in the ruins of Netley Abbey in Hampshire. Within 90 seconds, guests posing as visitors had assembled to form a makeshift ‘church’ with aisle, flower-topped pew ends and a pop-up four piece band.

Says Sam Low in an interview with The Daily Mail “we planned everything down to the last second. Only eight people were given roles – they had to quickly assemble the aisle and hold the flowers which had been hidden in picnic baskets.”

She went on ”I couldn’t believe how well it had all come together. It was amazing. The sun was shining and the ruins were just perfect. It was a really beautiful setting.”

Compare and contrast to the Yank version which took place in December last year in a Boston shopping mall. Yep, a shopping mall. Surely the Brit version wins hands down?!

Congrats guys, here’s to the future.

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Ashley Cole’s new restaurant probably not for London stag parties

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When footballers throw cash into business ventures it’s usually because they’ve got too much of it. But now Ashley Cole has partnered with Jay-Z to open a restaurant, maybe people will take it seriously – but don’t think it’s going to be on the itinerary of London stag parties, it’s likely to be just posh nosh!

Jay-Z has invested his bucks wisely, keen to be as much the business entrepreneur as hit-maker. Ashley, however, has a much smaller portfolio. Better known for cheating on Cheryl Cole, the England footballer was lucky to not have been left back in the marital changing room after numerous alleged affairs.

Ashley says it’s not a publicity stunt, but told the BBC he is keen to create jobs for young people after seeing his mum struggle to find work – and after shooting a work experience student with an air rifle recently…

There’s been no menu revealed yet, but it’s safe to say that rappers and footy stars are obsessed with their own images – so London stag parties rolling up pissed up will probably get the brush off.

Posh nosh brings out the bling and the top totty – the wags can share a main course between 5, yet based on the energy she chucks into her stage performances, I think Beyonce will wolf down a full three-course for starters.


All the best bits: Abbey and Crouchy, Kate and Jamie, Charlene and Albert

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Abbey and Crouchy

  • Giles Deacon gown, tousled hair, scarlet nails – just the right side of vampy.
  • They wrote their own vows and she sobbed her way through them.
  • Steak and chips and fudge brownies on the reception menu.
  • Beverley Knight singing at the reception.

Kate and Jamie

  • Moss-stock’, the 3-day festy extravaganza with a £1m price tag.
  • Shirley Bassey, Snoop Dogg, Bryan Ferry and Beth Ditto performing to an audience including Anna Wintour and Naomi Campbell.
  • A fountain of Cristal champagne. Repeat A FOUNTAIN.
  • Retro YSL for him, couture Galliano for her.
  • 15 bridesmaids. Yup 15.

Charlene and Albert

  • A heavyweight Armani gown bearing 40,000 Swarovski crystals, 20,000 mother of pearl tear drops and 30,000 ‘stones in gold shades’.
  • President Sarkozy, Karl Lagerfeld, Naomi Campbell, Roger Moore, Count and Countess of Wessex on the guestlist.
  • An overcome Charlene observing tradition by laying down her bridal bouquet in the Sainte Devote church, as did Albert’s father Prince Rainier and his wife Grace Kelly 55 years before.
  • Not so good #1: newlyweds looking decidedly strained and nowhere near as blissfully happy as Kate and Wills.
  • Not so good #2: the impending paternity tests.

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