“Dadchelor” parties or just another bachelor party?

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The US have coined a new term and growing event that can be described as the equivalent to a bridal shower for women; “Dadchelor” parties.

These are designed to take place for fathers to be just before the wife is expected to give birth, and are meant to be one last big night out with the guys before the sleepless nights of a completely different kind kick in, with the birth of their newborn. This could be deemed slightly one sided with the woman having to stay at home and having gone through almost 9 months of abstinence from alcohol already!

So is this just another excuse for the guys to go out, drink a lot and pretend that the biggest responsibility of their lives is not just about to happen? It could be for some, however for most it seems a good way to mark the transition by saying goodbye to bachelorhood and hello to fatherhood.

Much of what it means and what it involves surely depends on how the night is conducted. If the rumour that Dadchelor parties involve exchanging diapers for beers is true, then it does sound a bit like an excuse to get drunk and act stupid. However, if the evening involves a night of spending some quality time with the guys before that becomes a rare occasion then why not?

Further, this new form of ritual seems to stand in line with the ever growing increase in fathers getting more involved in parenthood, especially in comparison to 50 years ago.

Despite the obvious indulgence of an excuse to go out and have fun with the guys, if it means that the father to be gets most of the partying out of his system and thereafter is the ever doting father then why not?! Just stay away from the diaper antics as you’ll have plenty of those to look forward to when the momentus day comes…

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