European stag dos: Why getting away makes so much sense

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Europe Stag WeekendsThere’s an old saying: Never soil your own doorstep. And when it comes to organising your stag do, never has there been a truer word said.

So, for some stags, packing up the party gear for a weekend away with the lads could be so much better than staying home.

And its not just about avoiding the fall-out and the shameful trail of destruction, there’s a real freedom to waking up in a European capital.

To do this properly, you’ll need to make it a stag weekend – just one night is never enough. This way you’ll get at least two nights of the mad stuff, but still find time to explore between changes of venue, and underwear.

If all you see of Amsterdam is the inside of a bar and the inside of your eyelids, you’ve missed out. Take the boys out for a trip on a canal boat, and definitely get them hooked up with some ‘Amsterdamers’.

Laid back, chilled out rides are guaranteed, and you’ll even get to take pictures  – bikes: Amsterdamers are bikes!

In Paris get to the galleries; for a stag do in Tenerife get to the beaches, and maybe get some scuba or snorkelling in; and in Marrakech it’s the souks and the Medina that should take your spare time.

Getting away from the UK for a European stag do makes perfect sense, just make sure it’s not a wasted opportunity.

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