Two famous American names to marry. Ironic they’re both the same…

Now here at CH&S we LOVE a celebrity wedding but even we are getting a little jaded with all the speculation and conjecture surrounding April 29. Column inches – nay miles – are being given over to what is essentially non-news. Do we want to guess how long Kate’s train will be? Not really. Any ideas on which canapé Wills will eat first? Sigh.

So let’s take a look across the pond to coming together of two HUGE families – America’s equivalent of royalty you could say. Lauren Bush, niece of Dubya, is marrying David Lauren, son of Ralph. And here’s the interesting bit. The bride’s new name will be – get this – Lauren Bush-Lauren.

Now the odds of marrying someone with the same name as you are fairly remote after all. ‘Of all the people I could’ve met and fallen in love with it’s just ironic’ she says.

We’ve got a lot of love for Bush (Lauren not Dubya). She’s the philanthropic mastermind behind FEED bags and is also nice to look at.

And here’s a celeb factoid: the couple met in 2004 at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Arts and six years later, in the very same spot, David proposed. Bless!

No word on a wedding date yet but mark our words, we’ll be keeping close tabs. When two families worth McSquillions come together it inevitably means mondo celebs (the Cruises, the Beckhams, the Jay-Z’s…) so the respective hen and stag weekends will be epic. Definitely one to watch.

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