Tacky Royal Wedding Memorabilia

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An event which will go down in history can mean only one thing, tacky memorabilia. The selection ranges from the high end and expensive to the tacky and darn right funny and the latter is what we’re interested in! Here’s some of the best or rather, worst;

Sick Bags

We may be needing one of these by now with all the ongoing hype!


We’re needing one of these already…not necessarily with Wills and Kate plastered all over it though…


They should be cheese biscuits!

Toasti bags

Make that a cheese toasti…


No home or pub is complete without one of these stylish ashtrays


If you can’t get enough of the happy couple then this is what you need

Toilet Seat Cover

This really is the lowest of low!

Tea Bags

Whilst the nation is currently drowning in tacky royal wedding memorabilia, ironically you now have the chance to drown them in your cuppa

THE Jelly Bean

It’s uncanny! If you’ve got any example of Kate or Wills appearing anywhere you’re not expecting to see them then send them in!

To finish on a more clever note, here’s a video by T-Mobile that depicts the Royal Wedding and that unbelievably a lot of Americans fell for being the real thing…

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