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It’s stag party time, but first…

Soon you’ll all be in the middle of the maddest of stag nights, but before you reach the main event, there are a few things you should really get in order.

Organising the stag do: obviously!

This is traditionally the best man’s party: he picks the events and takes (some) responsibility for the night. Even so, there are a lot of people to please and they all want to go to different places – never easy.


Watch your wallet. It’s not easy to snatch your valuables when you’ve got them hidden in a monkey outfit, but it still happens. The very best thing to do is only take plastic, or even delegate one person, usually the non-drinker, to carry the wallets.

Travel insurance

If you are off to a stag do abroad, you should think about travel insurance – there’s been plenty of strikes in the last two years, so it could be worth getting covered. At least have contents insurance that covers loss of items when on holiday – but don’t try to claim for the monkey outfit you left on the beach at midnight…


It’s especially important to have some local currency lined up. And check out 0% rates of commission – they do exist. Also look at how much your bank charges if you use cash machines abroad – and if credit card debits can actually be traced to the pole dancing joint you told your partner that you’d never visited.

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