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Lily Allen axes ‘frenemy’ Kate Moss from June wedding

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Oh this saddens us. Lily Allen and Kate Moss used to be so tight – the four hour lunches, the four day parties… alas not anymore. Allen has committed the ultimate (and very public) diss of not inviting Moss to her June wedding to builder Sam Cooper. Ouch.

Some 300 other guess have made the cut including rock royalty Elton John (remember their ferocious slanging match? Good to see they’ve made up) and a whole host of A-list faces. So why not Kate’s?

Well The Daily Mail reckons it was the hen night what done it. Moss scheduled hers for the same night as Allen’s so Allen was left with no option but to reschedule hers. According to a friend “…the whole thing has left a bitter taste”.

Are we buying it? Or is this simply a Clash of the Bridezillas? It’s been reported that Allen has “completely blown” her wedding budget as the scale of her bash escalates by the day. Meanwhile Moss is said to be planning the “party of a lifetime” so perhaps the diva histrionics are only to be expected.

Here’s hoping they kiss and make up. C’mon girls, life’s too short. After all, Moss’s Parisian hen weekend sounds like a bash la Allen really shouldn’t be missing.


Hangover cures post stag or hen party!

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Drinking heavily on your stag party or hen do is never compulsory – it’s just that it’s highly likely! And we all know what follows – even the best-organised and classy hen night leads to a morning-after experience that has you feeling, and looking like a zombie.

However, there’s always some hangover cures to rely on.

Here’s the 6 all-time favourite stag party and hen do hangover cures.

English Breakfast

‘Christ, I can’t eat that!’ Yet after a few mouthfuls of a greasy, all-day delight you’ll change your mind – it’s the saturated fat and the buckets of tea that really sort you out.

Water, and more water

Drinking dehydrates. There’s nothing more important the morning after than getting lots of fluid on board – the ship may feel like it’s sinking but keep topping up with water and you’ll stay afloat.

Energy drinks

Pretty much anything you drink will help. Tea and coffee are comforting, but can make you pee so much you’ll need to get even more fluids on. Energy drinks are laced with sugars, which help with energy, and the rehydration drinks have electrolytes and minerals – but are always blue or pink!


Great for holding off the headache while you rehydrate, but no use sorting out the source of the problem; or for finding your phone, jacket, wallet and the rest of your items left behind during last night’s traincrash of debauchery.

Hair of the dog

Some dog. The idea that a pint in the morning will see you through is a nice one: it’s just not a good one. Perhaps just for the fun of it, but really if you want to get over the booze, knock it on the head.


Always a winner: If in doubt, sleep it out. Your stag party is over, and if you’ve been planning a stag party or a hen party you should have pencilled in a day of rest, starting the morning after. Drink plenty of fluids, phone your partner to let them know you are safe and well, and then get your head down and it will be all right in the morning – unless of course it is the morning, and you’re late for the church!


Patsy Kensit hosts How To Nab A Prince. “Harry Hunters” up in arms.

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So presumably the four-times-married Patsy Kensit considers herself well placed to advise (deep breath) “commoners” on how to land royalty.

Sky Living promises that its new series How To Nab A Prince will “…tell you where to go, what to wear and what to say in order to secure your very own royal wedding.”

There you have it. A Middleton masterclass in three handy parts complete with cut-out-and-keep Prince! (We made that last bit up).

According to the press release Kensit will quiz celebs and “high society experts” on what it takes to land a blue-blood. Weekly trawls of Mahiki and Boujis? Pretending to understand the rules of rugby and polo? Gatecrashing the Royal Caledonian Ball?

Little doubt that this ‘advice’ will create even more ferocious competition among the ever-increasing legions of “Harry Hunters” (throne rangers who have vowed not to rest until the Ginger Prince is theirs.) Ever since Wills proposed to (deep breath) “commoner” Kate, the Harry Hunter phenomenon has snowballed with hordes of socialites trawling his favourite hotspots each weekend.

For our part we’re still hoping that Harry and Chelsy get it back on. We like Chelsy, we do. She drinks, smokes, wears Havaianas and remains resolutely unfazed by the Royal Family. And unlike Kate’s hush-hush hen do, we’re guessing the Chelsy version would be carnage: half-naked butlers, cocktails and Ibiza clubs. Just for the warm-up.

How To Nab A Prince starts on Wednesday 20 April on Sky Living HD.


Hangover 2 trailer banned due to simulated monkey sex

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Hangover Monkey SexA tiger, a toothless man, Mike Tyson, a chicken, a stolen police car, a baby and a Chinese gangster; not the usual outcome of a heavy stag weekend. We’ve all suffered a hangover at the end of the night but no matter what the event was, I’d be hard pressed to believe that anyone has ever suffered a hangover like that of the guys in the film The Hangover!

Set in Vegas, the guys wake up to find that amongst other things like the suite being an absolute mess, they’ve lost the groom and gained a tiger and a baby in his place with no recollection of how, when or why. With The Hangover 2 due to be released in May, this will set the tone for those looking for decadent and insane stag weekends this summer! Hopefully not to those extremes though.

The Hangover 2 has gone to such extremes in fact that the first trailer was banned for being too explicit for showing a scene with a monkey sexually pleasuring an elderly man! Not a position any man wishes to be in on his stag weekend or any weekend for that matter.

The Hangover 2 takes the guys to Bangkok for a whole new stag weekend and looks set to live up to all expectations with face tattoos, shaved heads, guns, helicopters and of course monkeys! After watching the antics these guys get up to you might think you can handle your drink but I wouldn’t count on it…

Check out the banned trailer below and let us know what you think…


Best Shots & Cocktails

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Top Shots & CocktailsWe all love them. And for a stag or hen party night out, it’s the shots that are getting hit. So which shots are the best, and why? Lets start with the basics and move on to the top posh shots and cocktails.


The voddy is the default shot – Polish or Russian firewater can be dropped with just about everything.


Fussy, but worth it even just for the ritual: Tequila comes in various grades, goes with salt and lemon and gets chased with a cold Spanish beer.

Archers/ Schnapps

Soft option really, more for the hen nights…. No really, good schnapps can warm the inside of Arctic pipelines, so if you are taking an international stag party or your hen party is in Riga, go local: have a schnapps.

Brain Damage

Schnapps, dash of Grenadine and some chilled Baileys – looks messy, tastes yummy and loved by millions.

Alabama Slammer

Get some attention. Smashing down the glasses is all part of the show: the drink is southern comfort mixed with lemonade.

Flaming B52

Kahlua, then Baileys then Gran Marnier, then light it up – included just for the effect, tastes good too.


Hard to find but drop this on your stag do and people will be asking ‘what was that?’ Great for hen parties as it’s smooth vanilla brandy.


Pink, garish and sharp – not the hen’s outfit, it’s a Cosmopolitan. Vodka, Cointreau, lime, cranberry and orange peel – a classic, classy girl’s drink.

Harvey Wall Banger

One for the blokes: timeless drink with Vodka, orange juice, Galliano, orange slice and a cherry on top.

Black Russian

Not a common sight but worth every sip. Vodka and Kahlua mixed ice, topped up with Coke. Has a familiar taste thanks to the Coke but a surprise in store.


Watch the banned trailer for The Hangover II

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April 29th may be the biggie but we’ve also got May 26th in our diaries in permanent marker pen. Why so? Because that’s the release date for The Hangover II, sequel to the funniest film of 2009. And arguably the finest stag night film EVER.

Better still there’s already some controversy. Warner Bros have had to pull the original trailer from cinemas after a PG-13 audience complained about scenes that included a monkey simulating sex with an elderly man.

Want to see the banned trailer? Course you do. Here it is in all its glory:


Reckon it looks familiar? Granted, director Todd Phillips appears to have stuck to the same winning formula but with the original cast assembled, including the sublime Bradley Cooper, we have high hopes indeed. Particularly with genius quotes like “…all I wanted was a bachelor brunch”.

And intriguingly, the cameo featuring Liam Neeson as a Bangkok tattoo artist is now on the cutting room floor. Phillips demanded reshoots which Neeson wasn’t able to attend as he was busy filming Clash Of The Titans 2 so up stepped Nick Cassavetes to fill the role.

We’ll be first to see it when it lands. And we canNOT wait.


Britney: oops… will I do it again?

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Brit’s back and damn she’s looking good. Hot on the heels of a career-best gig in Vegas, she’s got a hit single under her belt and new album Femme Fatale storming up the charts. The good times – they are a’rollin.

What’s more she’s super tight with Jason Trawick, her former agent and boyf of two years. When asked if wedding bells were on the horizon she quipped “maybe! Never say never”. She goes on to say she’s “never been happier” now she’s with Trawick.

Aw, this pleases us. Let it be said, she’s had a crappy few years including that very publicly documented meltdown when she lost custody of her sons. According to a family source Trawick “was one of the only people who stuck by her through everything”. He’s someone she can “…be her true self with. [Marriage] is the direction they’re going in.”


If they do wed it could be third time lucky for Britters. Her first marriage lasted a total of 55 hours. That was back in 2004 when she wed childhood friend Jason Alexander during a Vegas bender of eye-watering proportions. Seven months following she married backing dancer Kevin Federline with whom she had two boys and subsequently divorced him in 2007.

Hen night factoid: when Brit and K-Fed wed, they had a joint hen/stag party, aka the ‘hag’ or the ‘sten’. They’d kept the whole thing so hush-hush that guests only learned out about it the day before.

Here’s to you Brit. Great to see you looking so happy and healthy.


Totally weird pre-wedding traditions

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PolterabendAnd you thought the ritual humiliation of our stag and hen parties are bad – turns out that walking through your local town dressed as nurse, with an L-plate tied to your back is not so bad. Check out these pre-wedding traditions from around the world.


Getting driving around town naked is one way of announcing to the world you are about to get married. And there’s no guarantee it won’t be a convertible…


Because marriage is going to be difficult, the tradition in some parts of Scotland is to give the bride to be a hard time before the big day – by ‘blackening’ her with sauces, feathers, and all sorts of goo then dragging her around town – I’d rather be in the car.


Traditional pre-wedding celebrations in parts of Germany involve kidnapping the bride and smashing up lots of plates. On the night before the wedding, ‘Polterabend’, Germans can be heard to say “scherben bringen gluck” – (lucky if the same relatives bought you some crockery as a wedding present).


If you see a bride to be crying in Tuija communities of central China, it’s all part of an elaborate ritual: she cries, then mum joins in, then granny gets in on the act; even aunts and sisters are known to shed a few tears, and it goes on for weeks! Sad, or mad?


Yep, we do it proper here: Organising a stag do needs military precision; same goes for arranging a hen party. But where did the tradition come from to tie a stag up to a lamppost naked? And is their any history behind sticking him in a car and sending him out of town, just to see if he can make it back in time?

In the UK hen and stag parties are all about temptation: Is love strong enough so you keep your hands off the strippers? Is she worth the embarrassment of wearing a grass skirt, with just two seashells covering your hairy chest in November? Of course she is!


Dude: Surfing stag party, it’s so cool!

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Just because it’s not summer doesn’t mean you can’t get out surfing on your stag party. Surfing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. It’s possibly the coolest of all the watersports, and with the right gear you can ride waves all year round.

Don’t expect the water to be warm – in fact you’ll get a wake up each time you dip your toes – but fairly soon the suit will have worked its magic and you’ll be warm as toast.
Keanu Reeves Surfing
Slightly soggy toast, that is, as there is no way you are going to have an adventurous stag party weekend surfing and not get drenched. But that’s part of the fun. Lessons begin on shore where you’ll have to suffer the instruction from some Baywatch extra, who you know is getting as many waves as girls.

Once these are out of the way you’re off. Playing in the breaking waves near the shore, you’ll be looking for your first wave. Then it’s up onto your knees, and before the sun goes down and the bars open up, you’ll be stood up and surfing.

Surf’s up dude! And if you think you have to wait till warmer weather, you’re wrong. Details have now emerged of Prince William’s surfing stag do. While it was a quiet affair, the prince got out onto the water with his board and his mates, and had a right royal mess around.

Surfing is special. There’s the feel of each wave, and the elation when you catch one and finally get vertical. If you are looking for something active, that will stay in your minds forever then maybe trade a classy stag party for a surfing stag party and get surfing!


Michael Buble marries. Yay! Gets burgled at same time. Nooo….

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Congrats to Michael Buble and his *stunning* Argentinian wife Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre.  Shame on the scumbags who burgled their home while they were away on their nuptials.

But first the happy stuff. Buble and Lopilato were officially wed in a civil ceremony last Thursday and then held a religious ceremony in the bride’s hometown Buenos Aires on Saturday night for some 300 guests. At both events the couple was surrounded by friends, family and wellwishers having firmly refused the advances of Hello and OK! mags.

The couple is planning a third even bigger celebration in Buble’s native Canada next month. And, check this, instead of the big fat celebridee honeymoon, they’re heading to Africa to work with children’s charities.

Question – could we love them anymore?
Answer – no.
Question – can you imagine Jessica Simpson doing likewise?
Answer – hell no.

And now the sad bit. It turns out that while the pair was saying ‘I do’, thieves were breaking into their home, covering security cameras and cutting off the alarms. It’s not known what they made off with but Buble alone has a net worth of $40m so one can imagine the pickings were rich.

Not the greatest start to their married life but a defiant Lopilato said ‘I will not let this ruin the happiest day of my life’.

Did you know you can have a Buble-lookeylikey at your hen party? Redseven will organise it for you no sweat. You could film a video with him, record a track or just get him to take his top off and serve your drinks s-l-o-w-l-y…

Start scheming – plan your party!

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