Is it over yet? Will and Kate’s Royal Honeymoon

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Photograph by Mario Testino

So with the Royal Wedding almost upon us, the focus is moving towards the Royal honeymoon, an event that Will and Kate must be counting the days until.

There’s been rumours that they will go to Australia, Kenya (where William proposed to Kate), Jordan (where Kate spent some of her childhood), the Isle of Scilly and the Seychelles and further that they will spend a few days in Scotland before jetting off. As it’s been seen with the rumours already, it’s going to be difficult to keep media interest at bay so the decision on where to go is an important one.

So will they stay in the UK or will they travel overseas to attempt to get away from the prying press?

Prince Charles and Diana’s honeymoon was over three stages first staying at Broadlands in Hampshire, before departing off on the Royal Britannia where they were waved off by some 30,000 people on a cruise to Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily, the Greek Islands and Egypt. Three months later, the final leg of the honeymoon was spent at Balmoral with the Royal family.

Three months seems like a long time for a honeymoon however, the length is understandable with it being the one chance to get a real amount of time together before settling down into working life, or royal life under the eyes of the media in this case.

Traditionally, the term honeymoon comes from the idea that the first month is the sweetest after which everything declines. Let’s hope it lasts longer for William and Kate!

Wherever Will and Kate end up on their Royal honeymoon, we hope it’s a private and happy one and then possibly we might get to hear the end of this royal wedding malarkey and leave them to it…like that’s ever going to happen…

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