A female best man at Kate Moss’ wedding?

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Alison MosshartAn epic stag party with strippers, a speech filled with blokey in jokes and ending the night in the bed of a bridesmaid, just some of the roles (or antics!) of a best man. Now, put a female into the role and that changes everything! Or does it?

It seems it’s an increasingly popular alternative to have a female as a best man so it’s not surprising that Kate Moss’ husband to be Jamie Hince from The Kills, is choosing his band mate Alison Mosshart to be his best man. At first it might seem like an eccentric idea and not a very popular one for the bride if there’s any past history involved in the relationship between the groom and his chosen female best man.

The bride is usually the centre of attention at her wedding but with a female best man, this could pose problems – not a great start to spending the rest of your lives together! However, all of this said, times are changing and in most cases the female best man is a sister or a best friend. In Hince and Mosshart’s case they’ve known each other for ten years so it seems apt that the best friend should give their best mate away, male or female.

So what can a female best man bring that a male best man can’t? Well, women are known to be a little more organised so she can make sure that she doesn’t lose the all important rings and she can make sure the stag party is organised well in advance rather than a last minute do the week before. A female best man can also make sure that the speech includes a bit more of a sensitive side to it and she’ll (most of the time) leave those bridesmaids alone!

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