Katy Perry reveals intimate wedding footage to not-so-intimate Grammys audience

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Image courtesy of CBS

When the woman who’s worn firework breasts, cupcake bikinis and blue hair promised something ‘very special’ for her Grammys performance we anticipated biiiiig things. Particularly as she was up against that egg stunt by Lady Gaga.

But intimate footage of her nuptials to Brand we didn’t expect. It was when Perry was seated on an ascending swing singing her first live performance of “Not Like the Movies” that video was screened of her and Brand exchanging rings and kissing.

So here’s the question. Why did the couple go to such extraordinary lengths to keep their Indian ceremony so private, only to share the most intimate moment with an audience of 26.6m? Call us cynical but is that not a gesture that suggests just a leedle bit of PR manipulation? After all this was the first time that the public had seen any glimpse – photo, video or other – of their wedding.

What next? ‘Leaked’ footage of Katy Perry’s Las Vegas hen party? Collectible stickers of Russell Brand’s stag do at Stringfellows? OK, OK, mebbe we’re being overly harsh but something just ain’t stacking up. Agree? Disagree? Tell us now!

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