Matt Cardle honours pre-X Factor wedding gigs

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Proof, if ever it was needed, that Matt Cardle is a diamond geezer.

The winner of X-Factor, and (if there is a god) the Christmas number one slot, revealed he’s a man of his word by promising to honour all the gigs he booked before he appeared on X-Factor. (Cue collective ‘aaaah’ from all the girls in the office.)

One such gig is the nuptials of Chris Heap from his home county Essex. “I always said before I went on The X Factor, with gigs we had booked up, ‘Mate, if I’m still available, of course I will do it and I won’t charge any more’ “.

He went on “I’m still me and I will still do the gigs.”

Oh Matt you lovely man, that just makes us fancy you EVEN MORE.

Now we’ve been thinking. As the planet’s most famous painter, reckon he’d be any good at Paintball? Because all the girls in the office are agreed, we’d pay good money to see him toting an emulsion-filled Ouzi…

Wearing khaki trousers…

And his white vest…

Hell yeah.

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