Hens: Why we love our strippers

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It wasn’t long ago that just blokes went to see strippers. Well, all that’s changed – and changed for the better. Call it girl power, call it what you want: we love our male strippers.

Booking a hen night you need to sort out the eye candy. And if you have to spend a few minutes looking at all the strippers on the hen party website, so be it.

Male Strippers

Taking your hen out, you want to see her tempted by hunks in trunks, oil-lashed fireman with rip-off pants, and more packets than a Royal Mail sorting office: show us the money!

Now if you are new to all this – maybe this is the first time you are organising a hen night? – then don’t worry; the guys get close, real close but its never too close.

And let’s face it, you can always close your eyes! Unless you’re the hen of course, in which case you’re likely to be pouring on the oil and rubbing it in, yet secretly dreaming about the love of your life.

Hen party strippers are for winners! They come in packages, in all shapes and sizes, and always, always come on time…

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