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There’s no easy way to plan a hen night, it’s guaranteed chaos! Even worse, is when there are girls on the list you don’t even know!

There’s a way to stop all the bickering: instead of chasing around getting quotes for this and making calls for that,  a new website looks as if it can do it all for you.

Rather than trying to convince your mates of the best options or handle all their millions of suggestions, put the dates you want and the town into

Hen Party

You get to see what’s on offer – yes there’s plenty of baby oiled beauties to choose from – then you pick the two best packages. You tell the site to email everyone on your list asking them them to vote on the best package (sounds like fun!) you see what’s most popular, and then make the final decision.

It works because it already knows the easy bit: the where and when, and makes the hard bit, choosing the activities, really easy.

In the end, you get the hotel, the package and everyone just pays individually.

Why has it never been this easy before? Try it out!

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