Bianca Gascoigne Drinks a Stag Weekend Under The Table!

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She is a class act though. I recently met Bianca in Riga. We tested her ability to get a Stag Party to have as much fun as she does when she goes out (or so the papers claim!)
When it comes to partying – she is ‘da’ truth!!
Girl can smash a Tequila like a greenhouse window when she gets rolling. Although, truth be told, she won the sprint when it came to the shots, but the marathon was won by the stag party, as Bianca didn’t even make it to the finish line – she was tucked up in bed by 1am – although whether she remembers it or not is a WHOLE other story.

The girl can drink – I know, I’ve been there, seen it, and well, helped her home!!

The stags she had to organise for the weekend weren’t complaining though. The had a glamour model hosting the party for 4 days straight. When I asked them after the show if they enjoyed it, they were more than happy to sing her praises!! Believe dat

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